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      Jane Weaver  has been an enthusiastic student of mathematics, music, and the connections between these two sciences for nearly all of her life. Following her college and graduate studies in the areas of music, mathematics and general systems theory, and several years of public sector teaching, she served as a faculty member of the music department at Princeton University.


Having relocated to Western North Carolina she teaches piano, cello, and violin in her private studio. She also provides instruction in piano pedagogy and the geometry of music. Her Mennonite upbringing and interest in mandalic geometries led her to pursue quilting as an art form.


Jane has participated in numerous local and juried national quilt shows, receiving several awards, and has commissioned work hanging in offices and homes. Her conviction that geometry and proportion lie at the heart of all creation inspires an interest in sharing that perception in both written and workshop formats.


Jane's current projects include applications of projective geometry, interpreting and furthering the work of the French radiesthesists, exploring non-quantum geometric theories of nuclear structure, and consulting in application of sacred geometry in architectural design.  She is a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, Biodynamic gardener, and biological soil consultant, with plans to be an alchemist and jazz saxophonist in her next life. 

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